I patiently wait

For a while now, a long while, I have desired to go back to work.  Not in a traditional sense, although that was something I actually considered, but in a self employed way.  There's something about becoming self employed and getting up every day doing something that I love that really REALLY excites me.  I'm… Continue reading I patiently wait

Just me and God

I Surrender!

As I lie here in bed this Sunday afternoon, snuggled next to my tiny 8 year old and my dog sitting on my shoulder, I am filled with hope.  I look around at my life and think about all that God has done in it.  About 8 years ago I made a decision that would… Continue reading I Surrender!

Just me and God


Lately I've been searching.  Searching within, searching God, searching life and wondering...what it is that persistently nags at me.  The thing that keeps me feeling complacent...the thing that makes me feel "stuck".  I've learned that it's not one thing, but it's a combination of things that leave me to feel this way.  So I'll share… Continue reading Unplug….Reboot