Just me and God

Dreaming Big

When I have my quiet time, the times where it’s just me and God and all of my thoughts, I dream.  I dream of what I want my life to look like in five years.  I dream of where I see my kids in the future.  I dream of the future generations coming forth from what God has done by blessing me with my own family.  I dream about lots of things.  I dream of travel.  I dream of buying a house.  I dream of my husband working an “on land” job and no longer having to go offshore.  I dream of starting a business and becoming self employed.

Dreams don’t take away from where we are in life right now.  I certainly don’t discount where God has me now or where he has brought me from.  I am certainly content with all of life’s blessings, but there’s something inside of me that is scratching the surface for the “more”.  I am pressing in to find what my passions are.  What fulfills me?  What can I see myself doing in five years that will truly impact the kingdom of God?  Not everyone is called into full time ministry.  But there’s an itch within that’s not being scratched.  Something that’s begging me to do “more.”  I want to leave a legacy, even if it only impacts the lives of my family.  I want my kids to love the Lord.  I want them to want to serve others.  I want them to look at a dying world and show love where there’s so much hate.

Perhaps it’s a perspective thing.  Perhaps I’m not to look ahead 2, 5 or 10 years from now.  Perhaps we are to focus on single steps.  What steps can be taken each day to get us closer to becoming the image of Christ?  How can I show love? (God is Love 1John 4:8) I can focus on having more patience.  I can watch my words and be careful not to say hurtful things.  Perhaps, it’s single steps taken in obedience to Christ that will along the way unveil our greatest calling?  Only God knows who will fall in line with us to walk this journey of life.  Sometimes, just living life loving on Jesus can change the way someone else does life.  Our walks with God and our struggles along the way and how we get through them can be the very thing that is a testimony to someone else.

My prayer:  Lord, help me to dedicate each step of this life towards you.  I understand that each step in life is crucial to unveiling the step that lies ahead.  Help me to not jump over steps in an attempt to reach at what’s ahead.  Slow me down Lord so I can focus each day around you.  Help me to be the person you created me to be.  Unveil to me along the way what it is you would have me to do in my career and help me to be patient while you do so.

Proverbs 16:3  Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed

Lots of Love,

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