My hidden passion

So I’m probably writing to no one when I write this but I’ll write it anyways because maybe by putting it down in writing it will feel more legit.  In 2008 I started tinkering in photography.  I was totally self taught.  I was in love with the camera.  I loved the job.  I loved the people and I loved the challenge.  In 2009 I started actually shooting people.  That passion continued into a beautiful but short lived career.  The business flourished what seemed like overnight and the demands of my schedule with young children was very overwhelming.  So I took a break.  So much of a break that I got rid of all my equipment.  A decision that still haunts me.  At the end of last year I started praying about what it was God wanted me to do.  I am still praying because I need absolute confirmation from God in every direction of my life.  Especially big areas such as this.  But I can say that today I held a camera again in my hands.  It made me emotional.  Crazy right?  It’s just a camera.  But to me it felt like home.  And in it I could feel possibilities.  I could feel excitement about my potential future.  I haven’t felt that in a really really long time and it almost makes me a little teary eyed.  I feel almost as if I walked away from something that could have been so good.  But I know God was seeing me through that time and He is seeing me through now.

We’re kinda nostalgic around here and collect old things 🙂


So what do you do when you get to hold of a camera?  You shoot all the things 😀


Meet my dog Precious.  She is my best buddy!


Oh Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden sun!!!  And oh the flare!

Thanks for listening to the ramble!

Lots of Love,


2 thoughts on “My hidden passion”

  1. Baby girl, if God has taken it away it was for a good reason. But now that He is giving it back …take it. Go where your heart leads you and where God has lead you. You know that I am always here for y”all. Love, Mom

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