Today without You

Today without you is hard.  In two days it will have been two weeks.  Two weeks since you’ve taken your last breath.  Two weeks since I stepped onto the 5th floor of the hospital.  Two weeks since I’ve gotten to hold your hand and whisper I love you.  It will be two weeks since I’ve gotten to hear your voice.  I miss you!  I know you’re in a better place.  I know you’re not in pain anymore.  I know all this because I knew your heart.  I knew you had a heart for God and that you were a born again child of God.  But just because I know these things, it doesn’t mean I still don’t have days where the wind is knocked out of me.  Memories pop into my mind of you laughing or a conversation we had or a silly text you sent me and all over again I relive the pain of that moment.  The one where I walked in and knew there was no more you.  In that moment I find it hard to breathe.  I can’t catch my breath and I try my hardest to hold back tears.  I close my eyes at night and all I can see is you.  We had so many good memories.  I’m so glad you were at my right hand all those days in church.  It feels empty without you there.  I’ll miss hearing you sing praise and worship.  I know now you’re singing in the most glorious place possible.  You should be so proud of yourself.  You fought a good fight.  A courageous fight.  No one else I know would’ve been able to handle the pain like you did.  I admire you for putting on a strong face and leaning on God when so many others would’ve simply fallen apart.

People tell me that over time the wound will start to heal.  I’m sure there will always be a scar in the place you used to be.  I miss you.  That’s an understatement.  So many times I have to catch myself from picking up my phone to text you.  The only comfort that comes out of this is knowing that one day I’ll see you again.  So promise me one thing…. Whenever it is my time to leave this earth, be waiting for me.  Oh and if Morgan is there give her a hug for me!!  I’ll see you both on the other side.

Until we meet again…

Love you!!!


I never thought I would drink a GREEN smoothie!

Omigosh, ever since starting this whole food, clean eating lifestyle change I’ve found that if I do not get my daily intake of fruits and veggies, my energy level is lower, my mood is frumpier and I just feel crummy.  Getting my fruits in isn’t usually a problem for me because I can drink fruit smoothies til the cows come home.  Well, not til the cows come to my home but just til they… you know, come home.  Hey don’t ask me about that expression, it’s been around as long as I can remember.  Guess that’s what living in the south is good for.  Slang and words like Y’all and phrases like til the cows come home.  What were we talking about?  Oh ya!!  Smoothies that are GREEN!!!!  So, fruit? Not a problem?  Veggies?  A little more challenging.  So I’ve been reading that if you’re really sneaky you can blend up things like spinach and kale into your fruit smoothies and apparently be none the wiser.  So that’s what I did.  I whipped up a green smoothie for my afternoon snack to try and cram all of my necessary fruit and veggie requirements for the day.  Or at least most of them.  Want the recipe?  Sure thing!

Ingredients (this is what I used)

3 TB Plain organic greek yogurt

1/2 c Plain organic almond milk

4 organic strawberries

1 organic frozen banana sliced into pieces

1 organic kiwi

1 huge handful of organic spinach

Use your nifty Ninja (Or blender of any variety) and blend until smooth.  You should not be able to see pieces of spinach floating around.  Because if you do, I’m not drinking it🙂

Serve with one smoothie straw and enjoy!  Now that you have a little boost of vitamins and nutrients you can tackle whatever else it is you have to do today.  For me? Laundry, dinner, kitchen cleanup and meal planning!!  Have a happy weekend and don’t forget, drink GREEN🙂


Lots of Love,


Thankful Thursday

I look around my simple little home and look at how far God has taken me.  Could I even imagine 15-20 years ago my life would feel this complete?  This week I just want to share how thankful I am for my husband.  Of course no one is perfect, but he was made for me.  He supports my job as being a stay at home wife and mom.  Anytime he starts to get stressed about work or finances I will reluctantly but very much GENUINELY ask him if he would like for me to go back into the workforce and get a regular job.  To kinda even the playing field.  Maybe allow him to take a job on land.  Each time I get the same response.  No.  He’s not a man of many words but I know him well enough to know that what I do here at home means more to him than bringing home a paycheck.  I think he finds value in what I do in raising our children.  I think he appreciates having a meal on the table each evening (ha, well at least MOST evenings) and clean clothes.  He even sometimes comments on HOW well I clean.  For instance when I “may” have moved some of his tools while cleaning the house.  Sorry babe! I really don’t do it so that we can start a game of hide and seek with the tools.  He’s a wonderful provider for our family and he’s always looking out for our best interest.  And for that, on this Thursday, I am thankful!


Lots of Love,


Easy Fruit Smoothie

Today I’m going to share with you my ALL TIME FAVORITE fruit smoothie.  I used to make it with just strawberries and banana as the fruit but then oh my goodness I was opened to a world where these precious little things called raspberries live!!!  To me, that’s what absolutely MAKES this smoothie.

I just invested in a Ninja because I may or may not have overused my magic bullet and caught it on fire.😉  I read lots of reviews and although it looked like the Blendtec was the most popular blender for everyday smoothie making, I just couldn’t justify spending that kind of money when the Ninja got comparable reviews.  The one I bought is HERE and I love it so far, although I haven’t yet tried out the food processor.


You can make this smoothie with these basic ingredients and adjust the amounts according to your taste.


1/2 C almond milk (Sam’s had organic almond milk in stock YAY)

3 spoonfuls of organic greek yogurt

handful of raspberries

3 strawberries

1 banana


Blend in blender until smooth.  If you desire a thicker consistency or a cooler smoothie, add 3-5 ice cubes and blend until smooth. Enjoy!!

I tend to make a smoothie when I haven’t met my fruit or veggie requirements for the day.  If I’m low on veggies I’ll throw a handful of spinach in this fruit smoothie.  It’s also perfect for the mornings on the run or for an afternoon snack.  Way beats the alternative of milk and cookies🙂  Tell me what you guys love to drink in your smoothies!!

Lots of Love,


What our meal plan looks like

Do you guys meal plan?  I am the type of person who has to have a list for everything.  So meal planning mentally never worked for me.  It’s actually kind of where I would ruin the budget for groceries.  Oh ya, I think I’ll have lasagna, tacos, pork chops etc for dinner this week and then BAM walk into a massive sale on whole chickens.  Budget BLOWN!  So in January I really got back into meal planning.  On paper.  It’s what works for me.  I write out all the meals for the week, Breakfast, lunch and dinner and then the groceries I will need to complete this plan.  My shopping day is Thursday.  This is perfect for me, because our sale paper runs the new ads on Wednesday and it helps me to see what may be on sale to get better use of our grocery budget.  Also it’s really close to the weekend and I’ll better know what sort of plans we’ll have and whether we will have guests for dinner.

Here’s what the remainder of our meal plan for this week looks like:


Breakfast: Biscuits/fruit

Lunch: BBQ meatballs/steamed veggies

Dinner: Church fundraiser (breakfast for dinner)


Breakfast: Muffins/fruit

Dinner:  Lasagna, corn, salad


Breakfast: Cinnamon Rolls/fruit

Dinner: sausage & potatoes, green beans, salad


Breakfast: Whole wheat pancakes with fresh fruit

Dinner: Sloppy Joes, fresh cut veggies

The reason I left out the lunches for the weekdays is because they’re honestly pretty boring.  The kids typically either bring sandwiches or leftovers for lunch and I will either eat leftovers or if that isn’t an option I’ll blend up a smoothie (recipes soon to come).

How are you guys doing with the transition of making healthier choices? As you can see most of my meals are pretty normal but made with healthier ingredients (more on that to come in future posts) and with a side of fruits and veggies.  Comment below and let me know how it’s going!  Here’s a shot of the produce we’ve been munching on. At least the stuff we can stick in a bowl. In the fridge we have strawberries, sliced apples, organic applesauce, baby carrots and one of my new favorite fruits… Raspberries

Lots of Love,


Our clean eating healthy lifestyle changes start now

So as most of you know, over the course of January I embarked on a no spend challenge.  Which basically to me meant that we would, for the month of January use up whatever food we had in our home before going out and purchasing more food.  I did this for multiple reasons.  We had an overflow of food, I felt like I was always in the grocery store, and to also an effort to save a few bucks.  If you read the previous posts  you would know that I was sick for probably two weeks out of January.  This gave me a lot of down time at home.  So, what did I do with my time?  Well, because no one feels like doing anything while sick, I spent a lot of time online (Pinterest mostly).  While there, I happened upon a pin about eating whole or eating clean or eating healthy, I don’t know…. somehow I just ended up here.  

She spends a lot of time talking about feeding her family whole REAL food.  This all happened at the most perfect time.  My pantry was thinning out and it would soon be time to make a trip to the grocery store.  But this time I decided I would try to go with more healthy options.  I switched much of my fruit and veggies to organic variety.  I started researching better snack options for my kids.  I thought about all of our favorite meals and started switching out ingredients with the more healthy option. So for the last two weeks I have been eating a cleaner version of our regular meals.  And lemme just tell ya!!! I FEEL GREAT.  Gone are the headaches.  Gone are the sleepless nights.  My skin is softer and I have no breakouts.  I attribute much of this also to my water intake.  Two weeks ago I would probably only drink a bottle of water a day if I was lucky.  Otherwise I simply wouldn’t drink a thing or I would drink a diet coke.  How healthy do you think MY insides looked?  Now if I could only get my Dr. Pepper drinking husband on board, we might be onto something😉

So, what have I changed?  Well now instead of sending my kids to school with uncrustables, lays potato chips and oreos (Hey but at least I sent them with a bottle of water as the drink right?) I am now sending them with whole wheat bread, organic peanut butter/jelly sandwiches (well the jelly isn’t organic YET bc we haven’t quite finished out the jar in the fridge), pretzels and a fruit and veggie.  I know that this still isn’t perfect but I would hate to get voted out of my house if I go all crazy at one time.  So for now, I am embracing baby steps.

Our lunches and dinners are now more well rounded.  Instead of tons of starchy side dishes I opt for a healthy version of our main meal with veggies as a side.  I make the kids eat fruit with breakfast now and I recently invested in Kentwood water delivery service.

These are all baby steps but hopefully in the right direction.  I can say for me, I haven’t felt this good in a long long time.  This is a lifestyle change and one that I intend to take very seriously.  God created our bodies as His temple in which he can dwell.  If I continue to fill them up with junk, I fear that I will only be contributing to the obesity epidemic but that I am tainting the place where God lives.  I want my mind to be fresh in the mornings and by feeding my body LOTS of fruits and veggies and consuming proper amounts of water I know that I am doing my best to make sure this body and the little bodies in my family are the most well nourished that they can be.

Oh and also, while on my way to church last week, my 16 year old gave me a little fun fact.  Louisiana was ranked POOREST of all 50 states in health.  Well, if that didn’t open my eyes, I’m not sure what else would.

Would you like to join me on this new journey to eating whole and clean foods?  Let’s learn together!!

Pictured below is a fruit pizza (healthier version) Original recipe found HERE 

Lots of love,


No Spend Challenge – Week 2 and 3 update

Here I am on week two of the no spend challenge.  It’s also week two for me of being sick.  Another trip to the doctor yielded another round of antibiotics, steroids and now breathing treatments.  Which resulted in a few dollars spent on quick food (Cookies and easy mac).  Along with many many dollars spent on medicine and Dr. visits.  Not being able to be out and shop or even feel like it has definitely curbed my appetite on spending.  Here’s a look at what we had for meals:

Jan 10th – chicken nuggets/fries

Jan 11th- chicken tortilla soup

Jan 12th- baked pork chops with homemade mac and cheese *I made a double recipe on this day because I knew I wouldn’t feel up to cooking again*

Jan 13th- Leftover pork chops/ mac and cheese

Jan 14th- chicken quesadillas with chips and salsa

Jan 15th- sloppy joes

Jan 16th – pizza

Jan 17 – I can’t remember what we are this night but I promise you we didn’t miss a meal 😏

Jan 18- peanut butter and jelly sandwiches 

Jan 19 – pulled pork sandwiches 

Tonight I’ll be serving leftover pulled pork sandwiches with baked fries. 

I made a trip to the grocery store for bread, milk and ended up breaking the challenge somewhat and purchasing a few organic produce items. (Just being completely honest)

What I’ve learned so far: it’s very VERY difficult to go on a no spend challenge. I seem to have failed somewhat at it. But I can say this: I’ve spent out of pocket for the month so far, $220 on groceries and food while we were sick. Looking back at bank statements my monthly food bill is triple that. I have learned however that the food I do purchase has not gone to waste because I am more aware of money spent on it. I hope that in the future weeks I can continue to meal plan and shop for groceries according to that instead of shopping based on emotion. 

This week was also very special because I got to visit with one of my best friends! Miss you already Tonya! 

Lots of love,